Sunday, 6 March 2011

A baby reviews my jukebox selections.

I was sat at my normally favourite pub in Northallerton and as ever took advantage of the jukebox. However there was also a baby in the pub who seemed determined to share his general displeasure at my selections. Here are his apparent reviews.

1.       Bob Dylan – Tangled up in Blue
Ooh eeer...Sadly I also seemed to pick a live version by accident that wasn’t really working over the slightly quiet sound system so it sounded mostly acapella. The baby did not like this one bit and gave a judgement of WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.  2/10 from the baby I’d judge.

2.       Pulp – The Trees
Better, the baby stayed quiet during most of it.  6/10

3.       Doves – Snowden
Again the baby seemed quite lulled, but did interrupt some of the middle. 8/10

4.       Radiohead – Knives Out
Oddly probably the best received of the tracks, heard barely anything during this 9/10

5.       Gorillaz – Glitterfreeze
Oh dear. Mark E Smith scares babies, it’s official. 3/10

6.       Magazine – Shot by Both Sides
Shut the baby up almost immediately! However the baby clearly felt it went on too long and spent  the last minute whining loudly. 7/10

7.       The Beatles – Nowhere Man
Quietened but not perfect, maintained a constant sound of slight dissatisfaction, suspect the baby is more of a McCartney than Lennon fan.  6/10

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