Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Where is Home?

Sometimes a song will stumble on a sound so great, so gorgeous that I could listen to it, or I so think anyway, forever. Burial’s album Untrue is gorgeous and beautiful enough, but it is his remix of Bloc Party’s Where is Home that really got me. It is a remix that so directly and so completely taps that minor key soulfulness of all the good dance music. It is a remix that completely reconstructs the original song and completely beats not just the original song but the whole album at its whole game. A Weekend in the City from which it comes is purportedly about a night out in London, but it never comes close to capturing the sound of a rainy night out in a city as evocatively as this remix.
The original vocal appears in stabs of chipmunked vocals as well as more direct samples, but also at a minimum. A dubstep beat keeps time, and dips out occasionally, and the piano is echoed into oblivion. This is top drawer stuff to obsess and obsess over.

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